Things we can learn from David


Things we can learn from David

The life story of David is one of the best examples anyone can choose and relate to their lives. Even though it is from the Old Testament, we can relate it to our modern day lives. Ever since David was a little boy, he feared the Lord and obeyed him. Even when he was at the deepest struggle, he did not lose his faith and clung on to God even more.  The following are some of the things we can learn from David.

His relationship with God:

Right from when he was a little boy, David was a child of God.  He fearfully obeyed the lord, and he was blessed abundantly.  We can read in the Bible in the chapter of psalms on how he trusted God at all times and that can be got only when you have a relationship with God.

Many often in our lives we seek God only when we need and avoid him when we don’t need him. But as children of God, we are expected to have a relationship with God so that we will be able to solve the problems we face in life efficiently.


Loving nature:

David was one of the youngest in his family, and all his brothers were jealous of him as his father loved him the most.  He was often mocked, and when he told his father and brothers about the dream he had, they all laughed at him. They even threw him in a pot and sold him to strangers, but still, David loved his brothers and helped them.


Integrity is something which most of us find it very hard to understand. Each day we are constantly put under situations where we are made to choose the right from the wrong. Potiphar had made David in charge of everything in his house except for his wife, and when his wife wanted to sun, David fled from the place because he was a man of integrity. He was a man who couldn’t sin against his master but more than that he was a man who could not eat sin against God.


Most of us start to panic the moment when something goes wrong with our lives. We are like those disciples on the boat.  When we see the storm, we panic and wonder why God is so silent. We start to question God and blame him for the storms we are facing in our life. But when you see the life David he was thrown into Lion’s den, he was sent to prison for doing the right thing, but he was always faithful to God.  His faithfulness pleased God, and he even made David the King of the nation.

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