Why do we have problems in life?


Why do we have problems in life?

Have you ever met anyone who has never had any problems in life? I don’t think I have. Everyone we meet has their own burdens and pain. So where exactly do all these problems come from? Most often we think about how God is allowing problems in our life. But if you take a closer look, the earth is a sinful place.

Sinful world:

The moment Adam and Eve disobeyed God, sin entered the world, and when there is sin in the world, there will be problems. Most of us are quite confused when things don’t go the right way, and we blame God for everything that happens in the world. When a disaster strikes, we blame God and wonder why God allows such things. But when you think about it, why would God send a disaster to kill thousands of people. Why would there be famine and riots? It is not God who does it; it is because we live in a sinful world, such things happen.

Problem Solvers:

God created humans in his likeness, and we are born to be problem solvers. Thus, whenever we have a problem in our lives, we try to solve it and always look out for new problems to solve. I do not deny the fact that some problems are more significant than others and that people often struggle to solve their problems. People struggle to solve their problems because they hesitate to address it. They keep ignoring their issues up to a point where it becomes a ticking time bomb.


We first need to seek God to help us solve the problems in life. Sometimes, God might be silent in answering your prayers, but that does not mean that you are doomed for life. Probably God wants you to figure it out, or he might be waiting for the right time. God knows the best for us; he understands and supplies all our needs. All he expects us to do is to have a little faith in him.seek god

Seek God:

So whenever you come across a problem in your life, take a moment and solve it with the help of God. When you solve problems, you will be happy and tend to solve more problems with confidence in life. There is no point in continually worrying about the problems in our lives as we will have problems no matter what our circumstances might be. So all you can do is face them and solve them. As you solve problems, you will understand how to handle various things and be a better person.

When you efficiently solve problems, you can help another person solve his/her problems and show then the God who helped you solve all your problems. Tell them about the love of God and how he is always there to helps us out no matter what our situation might be.

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