Essential Oils: How They Can Help

essential oils

Essential Oils: How They Can Help

With all the poor nutrition choices available around every corner, oils can seem like scary business: can you really hope that oil will have a great positive impact on your health? As it turns out, yes. The oils you’ll want to utilize for restoration are called essential oils: there are dozens of them available on the market and finding the right ones for you can involve some experimentation since everyone has their own way of reacting to a substance. There’s also the issue of smell: what feels like a beautiful scent to one person could come off as a pungent smell to another. To help you navigate through oily affairs, here are 3 of the best relaxing essential oils that will put your mind at ease.


You probably haven’t heard of frankincense oil as it isn’t nearly as widespread as some of its cousins are. It’s a shame, too – frankincense’s got many awesome benefits to it and should be tried at least once by everyone looking to make good use of essential oils. Among its chief properties is the ability to relax the nervous system and even help fight depression both over the short and long term. Frankincense is also a powerful stress reliever and it’ll make for a great bath or cream whenever you’re on edge from your everyday routine. An essential oil with purported spiritual properties, frankincense is also used to help with meditation in various forms of alternative medicine. Besides, it has a nice ring to it – who doesn’t want to use an oil that sounds like it came from Frankenstein’s cabinet, eh?


One of the most popular flowers of all time also helps produce a terrific essential oil that can be used for various purposes. Like frankincense, rose oil is lauded for its ability to calm a person even in the midst of a panic or anxiety attack. Of course, your symptoms don’t need to be as severe to make good use of this oil – at the very least, its universally-pleasant scent is sure to brighten your day. Rose oil has a bit of a reputation as feminine and therefore makes many males reluctant to consider its use, which is unfortunate: regardless of gender or age, everyone can benefit from adding rose oil to their baths (see below) or showers or applying it strategically on various fabrics around the home.


With all the anti-anxiety medication available out there, we tend to forget that some of the best remedies are often found in nature. Lavender oil is one such remedy: merely inhaling this oil’s scent for a brief period of time should help cure even persistent anxiety and stress while regular use should turn you into a calmer and level-headed individual in no time. Like rose oil, lavender oil’s perks have been fairly well-documented in studies and clinical trials, meaning few can argue about the good things that it brings to the table. Aside from the stress, anxiety and depression-relieving properties that essential oils are known for, lavender oil supposedly also has some digestive benefits (which isn’t a stretch considering indigestion and stomach pain is often caused by stress).

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