Things we can learn from the Life of Moses

Things we can learn from the Life of Moses

Moses is one of the most prominent figures in the Old Testament. Moses was the man who chose to bring about redemption. God chose Moses to lead the people of Israel out of their slavery to the land of milk and honey. Moses is also commonly known as the giver of law. The life of Moses is definitely worth examining and the following are some of the things we need to learn from the life of Moses.

God picks up the humble:

God calls Moses a humble person and he says that no other person on the earth is as humble as Moses. We read in the Bible on how he was one of the meekest men on the earth but God chooses Moses to lead the Israelites out of Egypt.  Moses was meek but God led him through many circumstances which helped him to become a great leader.

You need to find your confidence in God than in yourself:

Whenever you come across a tough and challenging situation we often lose our confidence. But when we build our confidence in God we will be able to face any situation without any hassle. Moses enjoyed most part of his life being a part of the Royal family. He was also quite popular among his people and this could have easily made him a man of pride. But as God was working with Moses, the proud Moses started to become a humble Moses.

God will fight our battles:

When Moses started his journey to take the Israelites out of Egypt, he had to face a lot of trouble. The Pharaoh’s army came chasing after him to destroy them and when they were stuck between the Pharaoh’s army and the red sea, God miraculously split the red sea, and when the Egyptian army came behind them, the sea closed and destroyed the entire army.

So no matter how big your battles might be, if God is leading you, you will not have any trouble. All you have to do is to trust him and follow his path.

Moses was not afraid to manifest the presence of God:

Moses had a close relationship with God and he also manifested the presence of God. The life of Moses was incredible and he was blessed abundantly. Manifestation is a blessing and it makes our relationship with God much deeper.

Moses was a brilliant representative of God:

Moses was the ambassador of God. Moses stayed loyal, true and faithful to God all the time. Even the Israelites were constantly complaining and moaning about the things they did not have. They said that they did not have enough water or food but we read in the Bible how God provided them with everything they needed and they even had manna raining down from heaven. Moses never got tired of all their complaining and he made sure that all God’s laws and commandments were enforced.

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