How to lead a God

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How to lead a God

How to lead a God-centred life?

We all would have heard the phrase “God-centred” all our lives and we hear many people talking about it in the churches, communities and other gatherings. It is a lot easy to talk about leading a God-centred life but to live a “Christ-centred” life one has to be committed to Christ.

The following are some of the things which will help you to be a God-centred person.

Worship God:

David in the book of Psalms talks about worshipping God with songs and music. When you start to worship God, you become close to him, and all your burdens fade away. When we worship God, we use our emotions and our words from our heart to honour him. If you are ever feeling down or if you feel that something is bothering you in your life; take a moment and start to praise God. When you do that, all your troubles will vanish, and your heart will feel light.



In this world, life is all about fame, pride and glamour. But God says “Humble thyself in the sight of the Lord, and he will lift you up”. When we humble ourselves in front of the Lord and acknowledge him for everything, he will lift you up. Whenever you get a victory in life or whenever you have achieved something, take a moment to thank God for giving you the victory. Very often when we achieve something, we tend to tell other people that it was only through our hard work we got the victory, and we forget about the God who has been with us all this while, helping and guiding us.

Understand the word of God and speak it out:

The word of God is the key to anything we want or need in life. God’s word is like light, and it guides us through our darkest days and our deepest fears. It is very important to read the word of God and understand what God is trying to tell you. Speaking out God’s word is also very important. We speak what is in our heart and mind. Thus, it is essential to fill our hearts and minds with the words of God so that we will be speaking the word of life.

Build a relationship with God:

Without having a relationship with God, we cannot do anything in life. We might be able to go to work, eat, play and do many things but at the end of the day, most of us would feel empty. We feel empty as we don’t have the fellowship with God. Building a strong relationship with God is very important. You can do this by starting your day with a prayer or talking to him whenever you feel like. We are the children of God, and through the blood of Jesus Christ, we can speak to our father whenever we want and wherever we want.

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