What does God say about prosperity?

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What does God say about prosperity?

Most people under the influence of the “Hypocritic teachings” have the idea that if a man possesses wealth, he will go straight to hell.  If you take a moment and think about it, it totally does not make sense. But such people know which passages to pick from the Bible to justify themselves.

Most of you would have heard about the parable where the rich man went to hell, and the beggar outside his house went to heaven. People take such examples and condemn the entire concept of living life in prosperity. The moment you say anything related to prosperity you will be able to notice people storming at you telling you that you are wrong.

God and his riches:

But if you take a closer look on the Bible, we are called the children of God in the New Testament, and our God is not some God who lives in poverty our God reigns over heaven and earth.  Our God owns the cattle on a thousand hills and the wealth in every mine.  He cannot be contained into anything, and nothing could ever describe how might and powerful he is and when Jesus died on the cross to set us free, he also gave us the freedom to call him Father.

When your father is the king of all kings, why should you live in poverty?  David, the psalmist, says “I lift up my hands to you as I know that my help comes from you”. We all know how God blessed David abundantly as he put God first in everything he did.

As we are the children of God, he expects us to look up to him and trust him. But very often due to our circumstances we forget how mighty our God is and get surround by fear.  When fear is present, it will crush you.

Not be slaves to money:

God tries to tell us through many parables that we should not be slaves to money or other earthly possessions.  Our God, the father, has much more in store for us, and all these things on the earth are for us to enjoy and use but not to be slaves for it.


Money can be considered as soldiers, and when you send them out to war they win more for you.  It shouldn’t be the other way round. The Bible talks about how God has given you prosperity to enjoy and praise him and not to be slaves for money.

Many people get confused about this and preach to you the wrong things. Even in churches, they tell you not to have any possessions otherwise you will become greedy.  When you have prosperity, thank God who blessed you and help others around you to experience the love of God. All you need to do is remember the person who was with you during the thick and thin and gave you the victory.

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