Solving Problems with God


Solving Problems with God

Have you ever seen people continually complaining about their lives? They are never satisfied with what they do, and no matter what you give them they are always grumpy. Most of us are like that. Maybe not all the time, but we worry about things which we don’t have to and torment ourselves into thinking that we have the worst struggles in the whole world and unfortunately, many people even blame God for all their problems.

Creation of problems:

Problems are something which is constant in everyone’s lives and us humans are designed in such a way that when there are no problems in our lives, we tend to create one and try to solve them. Now the above statement might sound ridiculous because no one loves having problems. But God created humans to be problem solvers. That is the reason why we are never satisfied with anything. The moment we solve or discover something we always want for more. When man landed on the moon, it was one of the most significant achievements anyone could have ever done. But he did not stop there, from the moon he went on to discover other planets and other universes by sending satellites.


We, humans, are happy when we solve problems and thus the more problems we have, the more problems we will solve and the happier we will be. But many people have a terrible approach towards problems. Instead of solving them, they try to ignore them or avoid them, and this in-turn will turn happiness into pain.

The longer you ignore your problems, the tougher they are going to get to solve, and as space and time bind you, you will not be able to bear the pain you will have to face. So whatever is your problem, we as children of God need to have the ability to face it and solve the problems.

Considering things which don’t matter:

All problems are not the same, and each of us has a different way to approach and solve our problems. But before we start to solve our problems, we need to figure out what truly is our problem and if a situation is worth considering to be a problem.

In life, most of us take up all the unnecessary things and consider it as a problem. When you take up all the unnecessary things and load it in your head, you are going to be stressed. Thus it is essential to classify your problems and choose the once which are worthy of solving. For example, you might be driving to your work in the morning, and you come across this angry driver who screams at you for no reason. During situations like these, you can make two decisions. The first one is to consider it as your own problem and get angry and scold the other guy, or you can take the second option and ignore him completely or give him a simile. These may be the simplest problems all of us come across in our daily lives, and we can choose to ignore them.

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